Where We're Going

Our vision is to provide a quality Christian program and facility for children, youth, adults and families in a clean, safe, and wholesome environment for the purpose of building the Body of Christ.

The goal of this Master Plan is to give the Eagle Fern Camp community a unified vision for camp as we look to the next 10 years. Our purpose and goal for camp has not changed. We are dedicated to building the body of Christ, and it is with this mindset that we have asked the following two questions: What improvements to the camp facilities will work towards building up existing programs and building the church? What do we, as a community, want to leave for the generations that will follow?

We believe that the improvements to the camp facilities outlined in this Plan will serve both our summer youth camp ministry and our ministry as a retreat facility. The heart of our ministry at camp has been and will continue to be our summer youth program. Camp has also been a tremendous blessing for those that have come to retreat for a time of fellowship and worship, and we should not overlook the value of this ministry. And indeed both are part of the vision Jesus gave in the great commission: to bring people into the body of the Christ and bring them to maturity. All proposed facility improvements have these two ministries in mind. As we have been working through this process we have labored to honor the work that has been done, build on the foundation that has been faithfully laid, and look to be good and faithful stewards in the future. It is our hope that God will continue to use and to bless the ministry of Eagle Fern Camp for many years to come.

More coming soon . . .