Many campers and parents ask what a week of camp is like at Eagle Fern. So much happens that it is hard to put it all into words. Accepting personal challenges, building and renewing friendships, and cabin talk are just a few of the things we focus on. Slowing down and changing our pace to observe the beauty of nature and contemplate eternal truths, being encouraged and giving encouragement are all part of a camper's experience here at Eagle Fern. Some things that happen each week are designed entirely to help newcomers get acquainted with our camp. We are located on Eagle Creek and have a nice big swimming hole to wade in, splash in, go kayaking, and hunt crawdads. Swimming is scheduled during specific times when our well-trained lifeguard(s) supervise. Many younger campers enjoy playing in the sand along the waterfront.

We offer "skill sessions" at most camps. These are classes that each camper can choose to participate in that are fun and enhance their experience. Some of the classes offered are crafts, drama, music, sports, skills, Huck Finn raft building, nature walks, expressive dance, and many others.

EFC has an indoor climbing wall on which campers can enjoy during the skills classes or during their daily free time. It is a challenge to climb, traverse, maneuver, and to trust your belayer to descend. The Junior High and High School camps also enjoy tremendous personal challenges and high-flying fun on our Challenge Course. We have five different high ropes elements plus a 400 foot zip line that many campers say is the best one that they have ever been on.

Most weeks of camp enjoy the team-building and trust-building elements of our challenge course. These are what we call the low elements. As partners or as a cabin team, campers work together to climb the 11-foot wall, get on board the Harpers' Ferry, accomplish the Nitro Crossing, Buddy Walk, Criss-Cross, or falling backwards into their teammates arms during the Trust Fall. It's always fun to see what will happen on our LineUp Log too!

Group games are always a big hit at Eagle Fern Camp. Every morning and most evenings we plan a big event that is fun, hilarious, and challenging. These games are always selected with the age of your camper and safety in mind. Evening activities are sometimes more serious, like concerts or a campfire time. The High School Camp travels to the Columbia River for a full day of fun - water skiing, volleyball, Frisbee, picnic, and hangin' in the sun.

Camp food is always a memorable experience. We take great care in planning menus, and recruiting a great team of cooks for each week. We plan a picnic or two during the week, a barbecue, and usually a closing night banquet. We strive to provide satisfying and nutritious meals for our campers and staff members during our summer programs. It’s something we take very seriously. The complexity of providing food service has increased dramatically over the last few years, due in no small part to the rise of food sensitivities. Eagle Fern is committed to providing a safe camping experience for all of our registrants. Special dietary needs are best met by the camper attending, so please plan accordingly. We will provide refrigeration and a microwave for their convenience. Please read through the entire Special Diets Policy before you register your child for a week here at Eagle Fern. It is an important part of understanding our approach to providing meals while they are here at camp. Click to read our entire Food Policy.

The cabins at Eagle Fern Camp are among the best in our region. They sleep 8-10 campers in each cabin, in addition to two counselors. Our counselors are carefully selected and well screened. Each cabin has its own half -bath, with a centrally located shower house that is shared by all the cabins. Wake up time is 7:30 each morning (unless the bell rings early for a polar bear swim or a pajama party), and bedtime varies from 9:30 to 11:30.

Eagle Fern Camp also has a store which is open for our campers most afternoons. We sell candy, drinks, shirts, hats, and souvenirs. The store also carries crafts which can be a part of the camper's free-time activity.

Perhaps the most unique part of Eagle Fern Camp is that all the campers gather together a couple times a day for a chapel service. We have a time of music and worship, plus a time of teaching from the Bible, so that campers can come to know the Love of God and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Each of our camps has different capacities. We have only 20 campers in each of our four Horse Camps and the HiAdventure Camp. The week-long camps range in size from 80 to 140. Day Camp, Intermediate Camp, High School Camp, and HiAdventure Camp are co-ed camps with boys and girls occupying separate cabins. All of our other camps at Eagle Fern are separated into boys' weeks and girls' weeks. Most of the camps start with registration on Sunday evening at 6:00 PM, and end with parent pick-up on Saturday morning at 9:00 AM. When you register your camper you will be sent an information sheet that describes all of the details about your child's week of camp.