Guest Group Rentals

Eagle Fern is available to rent as a retreat center to any organization that does not conflict with what we believe. A getaway to Eagle Fern is always enjoyed by churches, youth groups, schools, and outdoor school programs.

Check out more info on our campus, facilities, and excellent food service!

Contact Paul to get more info and ask about availability.

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per person per night
Winter Weekend (Labor Day - June 15)
2 nights
Winter Weekday (Labor Day - June 15)
2 nights
Summer Weekend (June 15 - Labor Day)
2 nights
Summer Weekday (June 15 - Labor Day)
4 nights
Day use (all year)
Food service (per day)
Kitchen use (per event)
Partial clean (all year)
Challenge course (all year)
$40.00 per facilitator per hour (2 hr min)
Rates are subject to change. A minimum of 75 in attendance is required. Food service is not included in these rates but is available.

We require:
- Signed contract
- $500 deposit
- Certificate of liability insurance (available from your insurance provider)
- Certified food handler (Oregon food handler card)
- Certified First Aid Provider (see contract for details)
- Certified lifeguard (if applicable)