Boys Camp

AUG 11-17 | 5TH-6TH | $450.00 / $360.00 / $270.00 (for an explanation of our new camp rates, please see our Tiered Pricing information page)

To see a camp full of 5th and 6th grade boys is like seeing the energy level of a kennel full of puppies. They enjoy every activity and every square inch of camp. Skill sessions and cabin activities are specially designed for their enjoyment and participation such as climbing wall, archery, BB guns, airsoft and team-building activities. Large group activities are included each day, such as water games, relays, and hikes. The swimming hole and giant swing are favorite activities each afternoon. Chapel times and cabin discussions are great opportunities to talk with the boys about God’s love, His design in this world and in their lives.

Our hope for you as parents is that camp will be one of many building blocks in their physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

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