Intermediate Camp

JUL 7-12 | 3RD-4TH | $445.00 / $355.00 / $265.00 (for an explanation of our new camp rates, please see our Tiered Pricing information page)

Intermediate Camp is generally the first overnight camping encounter for these young campers. We have trained our staff to help your child adapt to the many new experiences they will have during the week.

Each day is filled with a variety of activities -- outdoor group games, skits, campfire, and supervised free time. They will have a chance to use the slip and slide, play in the sand by the creek, use the climbing wall, create something in the craft room, discover wonders in God’s creation on a guided hike, or just laugh with their friends on the playground. Each morning and evening will be a special time to sing together and listen to wonderful stories from the Bible. When your child goes home at the end of the week, they’ll have so much to tell you!

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