Men's Retreat

Men's Retreat | This program has Been Cancelled Due to the COVID-19 Virus

Apr 24-25   |   Adult & High School   |   $

Perhaps the most important weekend of your Spring season may be the ManUp Retreat in April. Put it on your calendar, highlight it in yellow, and circle it in red. Bring a friend, your brother, or your son.You owe it to your wife, your kids, and all whom you may influence, to set aside some time to join with other men in reflection and encouragement in your spiritual relationship with God. Bring your golf clubs, bring your guns, enjoy our challenge course, interact and encourage your brothers.

Expect to be challenged in your heart to see more clearly your calling to love, to serve, and to lead.

Rise up O men of God! Come learn, be challenged, and grow in love with Jesus. Take note, Dads, of a reduced rate of only ($tba) for any young guys (under age 25) who register with you. Bring your son along…or adopt one!

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